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MORISON HENG CPA LIMITED (MORISON HENG) was established in 1990 on a vision of creating a truly client-mindedness professional accounting practice to provide high quality standard to our clients. Morison Heng CPA Limited has today grown to be one of the leading medium-sized professional accounting practices in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of services to local and international clients, including public listed companies.

As an independent member of Morison International, we have established solid connections with business entities across the world. We have always been striving to provide professional and excelled services to our clients.

Our Professionals
We have the qualified professionals, resources and connection to help you in setting up or developing successful business both at home and abroad. Our team is formed by well-experienced accountants, auditors, tax advisers, business consultants and lawyers to exceed your expectations in the wide-ranged ever-changing business services.

Our Services
We offer a wide spectrum of services in various business scopes of our clients. We work closely with our clients to provide solutions to enhance our clients' financial performance.

The range of business and financial advisory services that our clients have access to include audit, accountancy, taxation, receivership and liquidation, company law, formation of local and overseas company, employment legislation, management information and data processing systems, corporate finance, business mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures and strategic business planning.

Our Philosophy
"The fundamental elements of our philosophy are quality and uncompromising dedication to distinctive client service."

We have always believed that there should be distinct solutions for different situations. For individual clients and different cases, we endeavour to formulate the most customized and satisfying service through wide and thorough communication with our clients. Our aim is not only to meet clients' needs but to exceed their expectations and totally delight clients with our services quality.

About our system of quality management
The public interest is served by the consistent performance of qualitative audit, assurance, review and other related engagements. The design, implementation and operation of the system of quality management enables the consistent performance of quality engagements by providing our Practice with reasonable assurance that the following quality objectives of the system of quality management are achieved.

1. Our Practice and its personnel fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with professional standards and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and conduct engagements in accordance with such standards and requirements; and
2. Engagement reports issued by our Practice or engagement partners/directors are appropriate in the circumstances.

Our Practice has designed and implemented, and is operating, a system of quality management in accordance with Hong Kong Standard of Quality Management 1 and 2 issued by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. By implementing appropriate policies and procedures, our Practice demonstrates a commitment to quality through a culture that exists throughout the Practice, which recognizes and reinforces the following matters.

1. The Practice’s role in serving the public interest by consistently performing quality engagements;
2. The importance of professional ethics, values and attitudes;
3. The responsibility of all personnel for quality relating to the performance of engagements or activities within the system of quality management, and their expected behavior; and
4. The importance of quality in the Practice’s strategic decisions and actions, including the Practice’s financial and operational priorities.

For more details about the Hong Kong Standard of Quality Management 1 and 2 (“HKSQM 1” and “HKSQM 2”), please visit the web site of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants with the following hyperlinks.